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** Warning about imitation sites **

We would like to remind everyone that is THE only HDT endorsed Brock Commodores website & discussion forum.

It has come to our attention, that somebody has created an MSN group, deliberately copying this site's sections, and trying to slander this site, it's members, and their vehicles.
Our members, and the site owners, have experienced harrassment, abuse, and slander from an individual who has been banned from this site on numerous occasions, for his dishonest dealings.

We are in no way, shape or form, associated with that MSN group, nor are our members associated with it (the deliberately copied usernames are the work of that group's owner, not our members).

**UPDATE** It seems we may have hit a nerve with the line above (in blue) as he has retorted in true copycat style with a slanderous attack on this site. 3000 members can't be wrong. We are the number 1 Brock Commodores website on the internet - even Google results put us up the top. Anyone can create an MSN group in 5 minutes. It takes true enthusiasts to run a genuine site, with a genuine domain name.

Some things can't be copied, especially the passion, honesty & integrity of this site and it's owners.

This site's owners have spent years developing this site, the sharing of information, and the comaraderie that exists amongst genuine, honest members.

Actions speak a lot louder than words.

Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery? We'll let you decide for yourself.


We would like to alert our members to be more careful when posting private details on the forum.
Our For Sale section of the forum is publicly viewable, without needing to be logged in.
We would encourage anyone placing a for sale ad, not to include a phone number or other identifying details like a private email address, in the ad.
Make use of the forum's Private Message system to contact the seller/buyer, and then exchange details via private message.
People who have posted their phone numbers in the publicly viewable ads have been receiving abusive phone calls at all hours of the night & day.

If the abuse continues, then we will consider locking the forum down to be viewable only by registered users, not the general public.
The Team


HDT - upcoming shows they will be attending in NSW

HDT will feature a trade stand, and a VE HDT display at 2 upcoming, very popular NSW events.

The first is the NSW All Holden Day, on August 2 & 3. This is held at Hawkesbury Showground, Racecourse Rd Clarendon (opposite the Richmond RAAF base)

The second event, held on September 6 & 7, is the Muscle Car Masters at Eastern Creek.
HDT will not only feature the trade stand & VE HDT display at the Masters, they will also include some key vehicles from Peter Champion's race car collection.

So if you're in NSW, get out to one or both of the events, and see the VE HDT for yourself. The 19" Irmscher rim will also be on display.

The Team


HDT releases the 19" Irmscher

Currently only available to fit the VE, a few modifications could see it fit the earlier cars too.
The rim is wholly made in Australia, and features a die-cast centre cap that is bolted down with a countersunk hex screw.
No more losing the plastic centre caps that always seem to come loose.
The recess is designed to hold a larger redesigned version of the "Irmscher" badge, or a "HDT New Generation" resin badge.
The wheels will be a key part of the VE HDT range. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the 19" Aero.

Pics (click on the thumbnail for a larger image):


The Team

12/5/2008 has undergone a change in ownership.

From today, Peter Champion, now owner of HDT, is a part owner of the site.
Chris Sewell (better known as The Oracle) has decided to move on to other things, and we thank him for his contribution over the years. He will still be around, just not as a site owner.
We welcome Peter to the team. He has done fantastic things at HDT in recent months, and things are only getting better.
This makes the only Brock Commodore based website fully endorsed by HDT.

The Team


The owners of would like to wish everyone all the best for the festive season, and the new year.
We look forward to working much more closely with HDT in 2008, and have some good things planned.
It has been a massive year for the Brock Commodore & HDT community. In addition to greiving the loss of our hero in 2006, we saw a number of events take place.

Among those events:

** HDT was sold in August 2007, to Peter Champion. In the past few months the dedicated staff at HDT have been putting in a huge effort with the sourcing of more accurate replacement parts, increasing stock levels, and diversifying the range of merchandise available to us.

** The Peter Brock Tribute at the Australian Muscle Car Masters at Eastern Creek - which included parade laps by HDTs, and the special VC ROC cars.
Members of this site, and various club members, made the trip in their HDTs from as far as Queensland & South Australia. A number of Victorian members also made a huge effort in bringing their cars up for the weekend, and gave us a good opportunity to meet up with our fellow fanatics for dinner and the masters the next day.

** The HDT/Brock tribute day in September - on the 1st anniversary of Brock's passing. This was a good opportunity to meet the new faces of HDT, and Peter Champion proved just how much he enjoys the scene - firing up the 1984 Group C "Big Banger" for ecstatic fans on no less than 3 occasions throughout the day.

** December saw the long-awaited opening of Peter Champion's Brock Mueseum at Yeppoon, near Rockhampton, in Queensland. A number of site members have already given it a huge thumbs-up, and it really is a must-see for anyone travelling to the northern areas of Queensland. Click here for a forum thread about the museum, with lots of photos.

We also look forward to seeing more of Peter Champion's amazing visions come to life for the new & revived "HDT - New Generation."
We're sure that HDT will be "the one to watch" in 2008.

The Team


Some amazing new prints from James Bailey of Stomp Impressions have been added to the merchandise page. At $79.95 delivered, this is $10 cheaper than RRP.


The 2 disk DVD's available from this site have now been sold out. HDT may still have a couple left, or the single disk version is still available from Target, KMart etc.


This site has changed hands effective December 1 2006, with the forum members Commodorenut, Chris and The Oracle to become the new owners. This will only be a plus for this website with not only some great people to take over the helm, but each of them possessing a passion and a wealth of knowledge which can only improve the site from what it is currently and offer an even greater level of information for all purists and enthusiasts alike.

Jeremy and I wish to thankyou for all of your support over the years. While we have both tried very hard to do our best, it has not always been easy and we both find ourselves in a position where we are unable to devote the time required to take this site to the next level.

It has been an honour and a privelage to see something that started out as just a site about my car (, to a website dedicated to all things HDT and Brock with a loyal nationwide following and of course, the wonderful and challenging opportunity to put the DVD together, which also provided us with the opportunity to spend a lot of time with our idols and to also meet a fantastic bunch of people wherever we went. Your help and support in this project and this site is so greatly appreciated.

We look forward to the new developments with the site and wish the new ownership team all the best.

Jeff & Jeremy


Peter Geoffrey Brock
1945 - 2006.

Unfortunetly, one of Australia's truest heroes passed away in a Motor Racing accident while competing in WA's Targa West on a competitive stage near Gidgegannup on Friday, the 8th of September 2006.

Much loved by all, Peter commanded a huge respect for not only his motor racing achievements, but also the way in which he handled life and always made time for his many adoring fans.

This is a very sad day in Australian History and all at wish to pass on our condolances to Peter's family and friends. Peter, you will be sorely missed by not only those who have been fortunate enough to meet you, but all those who have grown up admiring such a great man who achieved so much and built some amazing cars along the way.

You will always be in our hearts and minds. Thanks for all the great memories Peter Perfect.
The Team