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Order Code HC01

VH Group 3
Order Code HC02

VK Grp A & Grp 3
Order Code HC03

VL Group A
Order Code HC05

VN Aero - Blue
Order Code HC33

VN Aero - Red
Order Code HC34

VN Aero - Burgundy
Order Code HC35

VN Aero - Black
Order Code HC36

NEW! VL Director
Order Code HC164

NEW! VK "Big Banger"
Order Code B022

New! VK Group C Racecar
Order Code RL13

New! VK Group A Racecar
Order Code RL15

Price: $79.95 Including P&H

These amazing sketches have been wonderfully created by James Bailey of Stomp Impressions and are A3 (600x460) in size and include mounting and framing.

Stomp Impression have a huge range of artworks including various HSV's, Commodores, Monaro's, Torana's and other Classic's, as well as Fords, Champions and many many more. You can see the full selection by viewing the Stomp Impressions website at If you would like to order something different, please simply include the order code of the desired print(s).