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25 Years of HDT DVD - Here Now!

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The DVDs avaialble from this site have sold out.

                                                   Chevron Publishing are the distributors of the DVD, and it can be found where Chevron products are sold.

The team at and WA's Smoothmotion Films have put together a DVD looking back over 25 years of HDT Special Vehicles.

This awesone DVD contains a 2 hour documentary looking back over 25 years of HDT Special Vehicles. Looking at the era of 1980 - 1988, the feature includes some of the best and rarest HDT Vehicles in the country, plus commentary by Peter Brock, John Harvey, Lewis Brock and more as well as several deleted scenes. This is the most comprehensive documentary of HDT Special Vehicles ever produced and is a must for any Brock, Holden or HDT enthusiast.

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